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Weekend Wellness Retreat
Weekend Wellness Retreat
Your wellbeing matters to us. Let us be a part of your healthcare journey, providing you with outstanding health screening services.
Weekend Wellness Package
Weekend Wellness Package
Health Screening
Weekend Wellness Package
MYR 300.00
Men's & Women’s health checks with a comprehensive range of blood screening tests, inclusive of cancer marker tests covered for all age groups. Early detection is key to successful treatment and prevention is better than cure.
Total: MYR 300.00
Weekend availability allows busy individuals to prioritise their health without taking time off from work.
Comprehensive Health Assessment
A thorough checkup covers various aspects of health, helping detect potential issues early.
Expert Care
Access to experienced healthcare professionals ensures high-quality consultations and advice.
Personalised Wellness Plans
Tailored recommendations for fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle improvements to promote long-term well-being.
Time for Self-Care
The package provides a dedicated time slot for self-care, encouraging individuals to focus on their health and relaxation.
Efficient Use of Time
Maximizes the weekend's potential by combining relaxation with proactive health management.
Why Should You Choose Our Weekend Wellness Retreat?
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Comprehensive Health Check-up
Our package includes a comprehensive health assessment that covers various medical tests and screenings to evaluate your overall health. This assessment helps identify potential health risks and provides a baseline for personalized health recommendations.
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Expert Medical Assessments
Experience the perfect blend of relaxation and health optimization with our package. Our expert medical team conducts comprehensive assessments to ensure you are in your best health, giving you the knowledge and tools you need to live your life to the fullest.
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Tailored Wellness Plans
We understand that each person is unique. That's why our Weekend Wellness Package offers personalized wellness plans for men and women. Whether you seek stress relief, weight management, or simply a healthier lifestyle, our package caters to your specific needs.