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HPV Screening
HPV Screening
Get your HPV screening done in the comfort of your own home with evalyn brush
Evalyn Brush HPV Self Collection Kit (Cervical Swab)
Evalyn Brush HPV Self Collection Kit (Cervical Swab)
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Evalyn Brush HPV Self Collection Kit (Cervical Swab)
MYR 160.00
Our self-collection kit can be used at our clinic with a doctor's consultation. While more than 100 different types of HPV have been identified, our HPV testing kit screens for 15 high-risk strains that can potentially lead to cervical intraepithelial neoplasia or cervical cancer.
Validity Period: Until 31 Jan 2024
Total: MYR 160.00
Comfort and Optimal Yield
The flexible bristle technology of the Evalyn® Brush not only ensures maximum yield for accurate sampling but also prioritizes your comfort during the process. This innovative design provides a comfortable experience while ensuring the best possible sample collection.
Hygiene and Convenience
Each Evalyn® Brush is sterilized and individually packed, featuring labeling with a 2D barcode or data matrix. This meticulous attention to hygiene and identification enhances the convenience of the sampling process while maintaining strict hygiene standards.
Prevent Cervical Cancer at an Early Stage
Evalyn Brush allows for regular and convenient cervical screenings, helping to detect abnormalities and precancerous changes early. This can lead to timely intervention and a reduced risk of developing cervical cancer.
Detect High-Risk HPVs and Seek Treatment Early
The brush facilitates the collection of cervical samples, which can be tested for the presence of high-risk HPV (Human Papillomavirus) strains. Detecting these high-risk HPVs early can prompt individuals to seek medical attention and necessary treatments promptly, preventing potential complications.
Efficient Processing and Design
The inclusion of a unique RFID chip in some variants facilitates fast processing in the lab. Additionally, the Evalyn® Brush combines the sampler, IFU, and container into an all-in-one device, streamlining the entire process.
Proven Excellence and Female-Centric Design
The Evalyn® Brush's recognition as the best self-sampling device by the Dutch and Danish cervical screening programs underscores its excellence. Designed by women for women, the device prioritizes your comfort, reliability, and overall experience.
Why Should You Choose Evalyn Brush HPV Screening?
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Premium Quality & Innovation
Our Evalyn® brushes are crafted with advanced technology and top-tier materials, ensuring effective and safe usage.
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Clinically Proven Performance
Rigorous clinical testing guarantees accurate sample collection, aiding precise diagnostics and patient care.
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Comprehensive Support and Expertise
Qualitas Medical Group provides comprehensive assistance, ensuring a seamless experience from selection to implementation.